Faerie wands et all

I finished uploading the last of the Window decorating pictures today! YAY! Next week I'll continue uploading to the Gallery with Costumes. There are many other catagories that will be added as I proceed. A note on the Window Dressing, that was the most difficult subject to photograph because of the glass, so I apologize for the times when it was blurry. It always had to be photographed after closing up the shop, during the day you couldn't get the camera to focus past the reflections on the glass. 😁

This last weekend I finished up my goodies for the PNW BJD Expo Luncheon and shipped them out on Monday. That was fun! I'll be including similar items in packages when I ship items out, as well. I also recieved my eco-friendly mailing envelopes, no more plastic envelopes for me, unless I'm reusing something I've recieved. The wands I made will also be upgraded with metal spheres instead of plastic stars and silk ribbons instead of polyester when I make my next batch. I was working with what I could get in a short span of time, but I really think the upgrades are more in line with where I want to be as a creator. 

Ironically, maybe, I'm hoping to get back on sculpting Blythe dolls in the next month. I know, plastic dolls, sigh. Eventually I'll address that, but not today.

Have a wonderful week!

Blog posted on Tuesday October 26th 2021 14:23:01 GMT -07:00

Am I ready for Halloween?

The new schedule is definitly helping. As you can see, I've been blogging more regularly and it's helped with the sculpting too. I need to leave things to dry frequently and by scheduling sculpting on certain days, it keeps me from forgetting to return to the work, so that it continues to progress. I'm also better about not wandering off when I have a set task.

I haven't been very good about getting very much done for Halloween, but I'm going to let myself be ok with that. We do have Halloween doll costumes in the shop and the patterns are still there and I have a wig I'm trying to finish for myself. Not too bad on the accomplishment meter.

I'm also trying to get some things done for the PNW BJD Expo luncheon goody bags. I'm cutting that too close for comfort, so fingers crossed.

Have a great week!

Blog posted on Tuesday October 19th 2021 14:46:20 GMT -07:00


In deciding to try and make moulds for creating repeatable paperclay pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, as I mentioned last week, I've got to learn about mould making. Fortunately, I have a book, LOL! I made a lid and a leaf for the pumpkin container today, as well as getting the jack-o-lantern carved and sanded. So, everything is ready for whatever finish needs to be applied and then moulds poured. I guess I'll be spending some time reading tomorrow.

This time of year has become more difficult for us, as to energy levels available. I assume the tempatures dropping and the use of the wood stove have something to do with it. But whatever the reason, we are all dragging around here. Still moving, but really slow. It makes getting projects completed more challenging, while my brain is in overdrive with ideas for projects that I want to do. LOL Hopefully, I can hang on to the good ideas and go ahead and do them, even if the season has passed. I'm beginning to think that's my best choice for getting things ready for seasonal release dates. So, there will probably be out of season progress shares as a result.

Josephine is taking on the sewing projects for the bjd clothing, which is awesome! If there is something you'd like, let us know. I still make the patterns and do the designs, while she's doing production.

Have a wonderful week!

Blog posted on Wednesday October 13th 2021 17:54:39 GMT -07:00

Tech Troubles and progress report

Social Media took a hit Monday and nothing was working. It seems that some of that tech trouble has leaked into my computer, as everything I've attempted today has gone slowly or not at all.

On a brighter note, my glassine arrived for my little jack-o-lantern and it worked perfectly. So, I need to finish up the two pumpkins that I plan to use for making moulds. I doubt I'll get everything ready for production this season, but it should have all the bugs worked out for next halloween season. I also plan to make a walnut shell the same way, and that has a wider application. 

I've also started a catalog of my dolls for my heirs, so that they can make sense out of the chaos that is my collection.

And I've returned to working on the HighRise*. The Blythe floor has lighting and I've begun the additional furniture needed to decorate properly.

My Kestner restoration project is just waiting on my attention, the leather arrived for her body and I've stretched it out. 


*The HighRise is a cabinet that I'm outfitting for photographing my doll stories, seen on FaceBook in my albums. 

Blog posted on Tuesday October 5th 2021 15:57:15 GMT -07:00