Hi! my name is Sinéad and I'm the driving force behind Faerie Rags. Although, I couldn't do it without my grown offspring, who help with projects, shipping and feedback. The origins of this endevor are pretty simple. With a life time of toy making and clothing creation, I fell back on my creativity when I became chronically ill again in 2014. I was looking for distractions, hunting for sewing patterns for my newly acquired tiny bjd, and when I couldn't find what I was looking for, I would make it myself. I figured there might be others looking for the same thing, so I opened an Etsy shop and slowly added to it as my health allowed. I've had to make peace with my new disabilities and allow myself to work at a slower pace, but I've been able to continue to expand what I offer. I decided I wanted more control over what I could sell, so I opened this shop on my existing website. 

The website was originally a place to share fun creations from the past/present and talk about what was going on in my life. Now I'm able to offer free patterns and more. 

I can be reached at customerservice@faerierags.com