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Found this pic on here, for those who don’t know, my son is my web site creator and host. He just updated the photo editing and left this jewel behind. CE027A05_5FD1_4A00_AA6E_E2070920DBA4.jpeg

Blog posted on Friday April 26th 2019 07:28:01 GMT -07:00

Realpuki dress

I was going to do a bit on ice boxes and self-sufficiency but when I lost it the second time, I figured it wasn’t meant to be. 😏
So here’s a sample of the Realpuki dress I’m working on. As you can see in the 2nd pic, it also fits the Lati White nicely.


Blog posted on Wednesday April 24th 2019 13:26:07 GMT -07:00

Electric shed progress

The shed has underlayment, that’s the plywood that will be under the siding. Arthur is itching to get the electrical in and hooked up. I’m looking forward to it too. 😃 The house isn’t wired yet, so I guess I should start on that soon or I won’t have anyway to make use of that power. 😁 well I tried to add photos but we’re not having any luck. 🙁

Blog posted on Friday April 5th 2019 07:50:15 GMT -07:00

Tiny trailer

I’m working on this little trailer to use, at least in part, as a photo prop for PukiPuki and friends. But it seems to be taking over the place. I also turned the super hero pjs over to the computer peeps to extract for the next stage, printing and then sewing.


Blog posted on Tuesday April 2nd 2019 09:03:59 GMT -07:00