Electric on the Way

We’ve got a decent start on a shed for our electricity. Currently, the generator has to be turned on to get any power for anything. Not really convenient. The shed will house batteries on one end separated from an inverter and everything necessary to charge those batteries. So that we may have lights and a few other conveniences. CF9B9742_20BD_4743_B803_B397963F2246.png

Blog posted on Sunday March 31st 2019 19:04:18 GMT -07:00

Happy Ostara

Well the weather here changed overnight and the toads are singing with the sun shining bright. Temps have been in the 70’s, (that’s Fahrenheit) and the girls have been busy in the garden.
I finished my Invisible Hood from Faerie Knitting just in time not to need it at all😄
Hubby gave me a DNA test kit for Yule and I’ve been laughing at the results ever since. My family is racist, mother and grandfathers, mostly. My mom tries not to be, but ... anyway, it turns out there’s African on her side of the family. And the Native American that her family long claimed, isn’t showing up, in her tests or mine. Someone may have made up a story 😉 l’m glad I find it humorous, I’ve seen too many YouTube vids of people being distraught over their results.



Blog posted on Thursday March 21st 2019 12:04:30 GMT -07:00

Doll pattern progress

The doll pattern project is coming together. We’ve got the size but there are some details that could stand to be tweaked. I still need to figure out how to insert the pipe cleaners that will be optional. I don’t have seams where they’ll need to go, so that means poking holes in the right places and figuring out at what stage they need to be inserted. I wish I could start photographing the assembly process but it’s too soon and I don’t have the lights for it. I’m just impatient to see this one finished.


Blog posted on Tuesday March 12th 2019 19:13:20 GMT -07:00

Struggling to focus

I don’t know if it’s chemical exposure or something else, but I’ve been all over the place the last two days with a complete lack of focus. Baked some cookies and took a few pics today in spite of it 😏


Blog posted on Sunday March 10th 2019 19:46:40 GMT -07:00


We’ve got stairs inside! They’re steep and they definitely need a hand rail, but it’s so nice to be able to run upstairs for things with out going outside and around. Radar was supervising the whole process.
And we put in a small part of the flooring at the base of the stairs.



Blog posted on Saturday March 9th 2019 12:53:11 GMT -08:00