Mirkwood progress

The preliminary work is being done, by Arthur and Joey, for the stairs. I had forgotten that it would let more light in downstairs, which is nice.
It’s also my wedding anniversary today and Liam can’t come home until the kids go back to HQ. (that’s the house we need to sell, where the kids are living until we can get some power out here)
So I’m trying to get them to cover the hole and go😃0E98165F_C00E_4E60_83F9_49F3944AB6ED.png

Blog posted on Wednesday February 27th 2019 17:22:04 GMT -08:00

Fairyland doll comparison

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you get several questions about similar situations. That happened this week. So I wanted to do a new comparison post with all of my Fairyland dolls. Boy, that makes it seem like I have a lot :)
In the photo below from left to right are a RealFee, measuring 7.48” , a PukiPuki measuring 4.4” , an Amelia Thimble measuring 4”,(yes, I know she’s not a Fairyland doll) and a RealPuki measuring 3.82”
Because I offer Amelia Thimble patterns for sale, she was part of the original query. Anyway, I’m hoping this helps when you’re trying to figure out what your precious little ones can wear. And I guess I’ll get to do this again when I’m able to acquire a PukiFee. ;) (They measure 6.1” in case you’re wondering.


Blog posted on Tuesday February 26th 2019 17:29:25 GMT -08:00

The Beat Goes On

We’ve been living out at Mirkwood since the middle of December. Just me and Liam,(Radar too). I haven’t had consistent internet access as we don’t have power. We have been snowed in for a week and that motivated having the alignment and tires checked when we made it out. New tires necessary and alignment will be assessed next week. I’ve also had the chance to work on new patterns for the realpuki and contemplate where I want to take that next. The challenging part will be getting the computer part of the patterns done.


Blog posted on Sunday February 24th 2019 16:10:59 GMT -08:00