Wild flower sweets

My back yard was full of catsear or false dandelion flowers, so I decided to make a sweet treat with the flower heads.Image_49.png

Catsear weeds are very similar to dandelions and recipes for one can be used for the other. I began by picking just the flower heads, the sap stains so gloves might be a good idea.

Then I mixed up some brown sugar and water, put it over some heat to make sure the sugar was dissolved and then I placed the flower heads in the cooled sugar water. Keep the flower heads upright and gently submerge them, they'll pop back up with sugar water in their crevices. Leave them to soak, the longer the better. Then place them on a baking sheet, heat your oven to 350 F, and bake for 10 minutes. Turn off the heat on your oven, but leave the flowers in there until they're crispy. Enjoy an almost free snack!

Blog posted on Saturday June 24th 2017 11:22:00 GMT -07:00

Buntings and dresses

I finished my rainbow crocheted dress and I absolutely love it 😍 I've started my rainbow flags and tassels bunting. I'm trying to document the process so I can create a pattern for it. I used mica to make the tassels sparkle in addition to the seed beads and sequins.Image_46.png



Blog posted on Sunday June 18th 2017 12:11:42 GMT -07:00


Well, I've had a stroke of good luck! I found replacement parts for my glasses from the last time I broke them. I had purchased a second frame to replace a broken earpiece and had put the remainder of the frames in a drawer of my desk. The screws were stripped out so I took all the parts to my local eyecare place and they Frankensteined me a functional pair of glasses.🤓😃
Now that the computer files are available and I can see again, pattern work? Sewing or just finish my awesome rainbow top?

Blog posted on Tuesday June 6th 2017 18:21:36 GMT -07:00


I broke my glasses and my back up glasses aren't bifocals.😕 I'm wearing two pairs of glasses to write this. Awkward! I really need some sales to cope with these unexpected expenses.
We had my computer's hard drive rescued!!! The files have been placed on my old laptop, it should continue to function for awhile 🤞
I'm having issues with dolly's wardrobe. If this continues I'll list the little darling for sale In her diaper.

Blog posted on Monday June 5th 2017 12:53:10 GMT -07:00

Dolly Diaper

I like the way her diaper turned out, but the clothing isn't going to work. So, I'm crocheting a sweater, booties and blanket set.

I was going to make use of this bad boy, (sewing machine), but it seized up and getting it fixed is just not a priority. But I need more speed in my sewing, so I guess I'll be using the treadle.

Blog posted on Thursday June 1st 2017 18:56:11 GMT -07:00