Dodge issues

The truck still has a lingering fragrance and removal of the dashboard is going to be necessary. You can imagine how reticent we are. But if we don't get this beast moving, the yard is going to take over.truck_flower.JPG

Blog posted on Tuesday July 26th 2016 19:31:57 GMT -07:00

PukiPuki wig

I didn't have any luck finding a shorter wig, but discovered that after I altered the Fairyland wig, I really liked it.Eiluned.JPG

I've been knitting for myself and working on patterns for the PukiPuki. I've also been very tired, a lot!

I need to be working on the seats for the truck, but...

Blog posted on Saturday July 16th 2016 21:53:48 GMT -07:00

Monique Wig sizing

I just received my first PukiPuki this week and after trying on several wigs, including a Fairyland wig, I began searching Monique wigs for something in a more suitable color and style. The size 4 wigs from Monique had both fit, but I wanted something shorter and, if possible, less full. (The Fairyland wig is loose, a common problem.) In the process of wading in to their site, (anyone who has shopped there knows what I mean), I discovered a size RD4. It was listed after the 3 1/4 and before the 4. Did this mean it was somehow between sizes or what? Well, after reading most of what I found on the net concerning size RD4, I discovered no one really knew and that asking Monique was the only course of action. (Sometimes we're a wee bit impatient for answers) It turns out the the RD4 is a deeper wig, kind of like buying a size 5 and taking it in to fit a size 4. Good to know, but not what I needed. I'll be doing more searching, but in the mean time here he is with a black grass skirt and flower lei. I really like my Luau set and my new camera!

Blog posted on Tuesday July 5th 2016 13:10:56 GMT -07:00