Cherries, knitting & the truck

The cherry tree in front of the girls ADU has beautiful translucent cherries that are so ripe they're starting to fall off the tree. And the cherry tree in our back yard has almost fully ripe cherries. It's a little early, isn't it?
It's had to know for sure, because we don't journal that sort of thing.

I've written a knitting pattern for a Jeep cap, (Radar hat) and I should be able to publish it fairly soon. I've ordered a new camera and we're hoping it clears up some of our issues. Lighting will always be a challenge in this house, though.

My new PukiPuki is supposed to arrive on Saturday. This will allow me to expand the size of patterns I have available. The Amelia Thimble ones haven't been as popular as I expected. Maybe it's the type of clothing I've offered. I worked out a princess dress, the fit was spot on but it frays badly and the seams pop. There isn't enough room for more seam allowance and I don't like using fray check, but it may be the only solution. Anyway, that style may be what the consumer wants.

I spent some time working on the Dodge, apparently there is Bondo on the floorboard, roughly finished and covered in the rubber coating that has bonded with the fragrance. I used a grinder with a 60 grit flap wheel on it and was able to take most of the rubber stuff off, smoothing the Bondo to boot. Then I neutralized some rust with Ospho. It causes any paint it touches to bubble off, as well. :/ Good thing I planned to paint most of the truck. Nothing fancy, just quirky. I hope to be able to get some cool dragons and fairies painted on there. It will drive the collectors nuts, as in mostly furious. My truck, my paint.


Blog posted on Thursday June 30th 2016 18:40:52 GMT -07:00

Our Truck

We're still trying to remove the fragrance from the tree air freshener. But the good news is, it's improving. I still can't get in there, though. Here's a brochure from '69.69Pg06w_copy.jpg

I ordered side mirrors and some conventional foam to get started on some of the work that needs to be done. We had to remove all of the foam from the seats, (full of fragrance) and we'll replace the upholstery with pieced leather. I'm grateful for the free scraps acquired from Joey's employment. They'll be making this refit possible. The foam is going to really set us back, all on it's own. Another project made possible by the hoarding tendencies of the clan.

I miss working on my patterns for my shop, but I've been set back by photography issues again. I have several that just need photos for the instructions. According to the clan, photos make the instructions clearer than the drawings were. So, here we are.


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It's a SALE!!!

We're having a storewide sale in our Etsy shop!DSCN0823_copy.JPG

Come by and help us celebrate!!!

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Catherine's Surgery and sleep depravation

Catherine finally got the tubal ligation she's wanted for years. It's ridiculous that they place so many roadblocks in the way. We don't have real freedom, it's an illusion.

We finally acquired a truck! It's a 1969 Dodge. I'd like to strangle the fragrance people. We can't get the air freshener smell out of it. The truck cab is almost gutted and the stench remains. It is strongest where the air freshener was hanging. We're going to give alcohol a try, which means wiping everything down again. If that doesn't work, maybe acetone? We can't use anything that doesn't evaporate completely and so far non toxic cleaning methods haven't worked.

Wish us luck.

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Rock a hula Luau!

It's the time of year for Luau parties! I've made grass skirts and leis for the RealPukis and Ms. Thimble and I hope to get the pattern ready soon.

Aggi found Liam's little fire engine and had to take it for a spin. I tried to capture the lights flashing, but I didn't have any luck. So, you'll just have to imagine a siren and lights. It was cool!DSCN1168.JPG

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