Patterns and More Patterns

I'm still plugging away at the pattern production process. I may need a break soon. :) Ms. Thimble has a few more patterns listed now and at least one more ready to be assembled. I just realized one of the patterns I listed today would fit the RealPukies. I'll have to add that tomorrow. It's time to unwind a little, I think.

"Ms. Thimble, are you making dresses for everyone?"

Blog posted on Friday May 27th 2016 22:34:34 GMT -07:00

Amelia Thimble joins the Pukies

It's the dance of joy for the making of new dresses and patterns!!


The latest is for Amelia Thimble

The RealPuki pajama pattern is the most popular. I'm still working on the Super Hero kit and many other patterns. I haven't forgotten the Bolaidh Bláth, that project is just on hold for the time being.

We've zeroed in on an area in Utah to explore for the purpose of relocating. That means another road trip. We're looking for a truck and we'll be traveling a little different this time. Our Nevada trip in the CRV was a little cramped and without bathroom facilities, I got really sick from the fragrance in the public restrooms. Here's hoping for success!

Blog posted on Tuesday May 24th 2016 14:24:45 GMT -07:00

Feathered nest

It is indeed, feathered and sparkled. There's a diary key and rose quartz stones too.DSCN0982.JPG

They're wearing the latest pajama pattern, up cycled from my kids baby clothes.
I'm going to need to upgrade the pattern I've listed to include the hoody options.
I made the realization that part of the reason I went through so many incarnations in creating the pajama pattern was because the slightest difference in the weight of the fabric caused the fit to change. I should make a note of that in the upgrade.

The patterns are selling. Still not at a rate that will keep me fed or anything, but it's a start.

The dog is much improved. She's off the pain meds and showing no signs of discomfort. In truth, I think they were making her itch. Still have a week to go on the antibiotics. She doesn't care for them, but what dog would?


Blog posted on Friday May 20th 2016 12:47:12 GMT -07:00

Beag has a new friend

Aggi, aka Beag, has a new friend, Piccolo. Conspirators_1.JPG They look like quite the conspirators in their little nest. Maybe they're making plans for feathering said nest? Sparkles would be nice.

I've been busy with the dog this week. She developed pyometra and had to be spayed at the ripe age of 14. She is home and groggy.

I made a simple pattern that I'll be adding as an extra with the t-shirt patterns I have on Etsy. Here's Picco modeling nothing but. --Sinéad Picco_in_ss.JPG

Blog posted on Friday May 13th 2016 21:04:06 GMT -07:00

Patterns launched

We got the patterns finished and listed on Etsy. And we have already sold two sets!! photo.JPG
I'm working on superhero pj's and perfection of the basic pj pattern. It's cute every time but not quite right. I think the kids are tired of looking at the different prototypes and being ask, "what do you think?"I finally have two dresses that I'm pleased with, so I'll be doing something with that soon. There's the hat pattern, as well. I have at least 6 designs for that.

The wigs I should be making aren't happening, probably because it involves a sewing machine. I need to get out my serger for some projects, too. :/
I wish the machines were more easily accessed. I can always find more handwork to do. I even contemplated cutting out more clothes for myself and just sewing them up by hand. The machine may be faster per project, but if it takes two months to get round to setting up, which was really faster?

Blog posted on Saturday May 7th 2016 11:18:52 GMT -07:00