My little lady

She's almost finished. I have to curl the hair for her wig and attach it to the bald cap she's wearing. I bought a PukiFee pattern for her pj's and the fit is great. She still needs a name. little_lady_2.JPG

I'm removing the rest of the paint from my RealPuki, Aggi. Once the flaking started there wasn't really any choice. I wish I had known he needed to be sealed. He'll need to do his pattern modeling sans face paint until I can acquire proper supplies for a repaint. :(


Blog posted on Friday April 29th 2016 20:39:28 GMT -07:00

Miniature flower arranging

A close up of some very real and very tiny flowers.

The girls loved the flowers I picked from the yard today.


The doll I've been working on has some skin and the arms are attached. We're taking advantage of the magnets to get the hands to stay where they are. It's all in fun.
I like the way the face is looking and our proportions in comparison to the Pukifee are staying close. I tried glueing the skin to the face but had to abandon it when the glue seeped through. Some of the glue remained on and around the nose which made stitching the skin down challenging. Now we need legs, eyes and ears. Oh, and a bit of coloring. A name would be nice too.

Blog posted on Wednesday April 27th 2016 13:15:24 GMT -07:00

Soft sculpture with felting

These are the parts I've been felting using a traditional Waldorf style body beneath the face and body and a drawing of the original concept for proportions on the left. I went ahead and assembled the parts to see how they worked together. They will need to be disconnected for skin application and then reassembled.doll_2.JPG

I've put magnets in the head, back and hands so that I can add removable wings or horns and hold a variety of other objects as well as holding Aggi's hand. Standing alone won't be possible but there are a lot of other posing possibilities. I still haven't decided how I want to attach the skin, but a decision will need to be made soon.

Below are a few more RealPuki outfits.

Blog posted on Tuesday April 26th 2016 00:15:29 GMT -07:00

not feeling grand

Aggi's paint has peeled off his little lips slowing up the modeling portion of the pattern making. I also had to replace my pens and not just any old stinky pen will do.turban.JPG

I repainted Aggi's lips and when I went to seal it, the sealant took the paint off. UGH!!! The sealant also gave me a migraine. Double UGH!!!

But, I have gotten more patterns past the trial space, such as this hat.big_hat.JPG

I set Aggi's world of patterns aside and started a new doll. I haven't taken any pics but will soon. It's soft sculpture and I'm doing some needle felting of the features and I'm not sure how I'm going to apply the skin, yet. I have several ideas but I'm not sure which I want to use.

Time for errands.

Blog posted on Monday April 25th 2016 10:55:02 GMT -07:00

Still plugging away at the patterns

I've finished one set and it's ready for publication, but I wanted to publish all three at once. I realized I needed more versions of the clothes for pattern pics and I'm trying to channel the inspiration for more designs without becoming unfocused from the current goal. Aggi (Beag) likes all of his clothes.

Blog posted on Monday April 18th 2016 17:52:46 GMT -07:00