Friday the 13th

I don't believe in bad luck or the ill luck of the number 13. As a matter of fact, 13 is quite auspicious. But today my bank account was fraudulently used and emptied. Good thing I didn't have a lot of money in there. Etsy interface for uploading digital files and certain pictures, isn't working. So changes I wanted to make, couldn't be made. I guess I'll go sew. Oh, and I spent the morning taking tests for autism. Yeah, I'm on the spectrum, not really surprised. But knowing may change how I approach life, and that could be good. All in all, events that could be interpreted as a series of bad luck, aren't really. If you're looking for bad luck, you'll find it, but the reverse is also true.

Have a good one! Whatever that "one" is...

Blog posted on Friday May 13th 2022 16:16:36 GMT -07:00