Dress design and doll collecting

Well, the sheath dress is in the free patterns and I've finished up and filed everyone's taxes. I only have one more tiny Tyko pattern to finish. There will be more at a later date, because I just discovered a bjd that will probably be able to wear them, lol. 

I had a few new arrivals this month. Two By Charles' Creature Cabinet and a few by Takara Tomy. Still have others in transit. Doll collecting can be manic, lol! Doll designing, only slightly less so. I have dolls I want to create patterns for, just haven't taken the time. But their designs are floating around in my head, lol. 

I have a plan for the next free pattern and I've ordered supplies. I'm actually looking forward to that. 

Dress design is happening in my head and I think I want to change the RealPuki Mori dress at the same time. I can see now, how to simplify it a little. It would also elliminate some bulk, which it always good. 

I should get back to that Tyco pattern. 

Have a fantastic week!!

Blog posted on Tuesday February 15th 2022 15:18:45 GMT -08:00