I don't do symmetry

When making doll faces, you're encouraged to aim for perfect symmetry. While that's a nice goal or maybe even an over simplification for teaching purposes, I think it's a little harmful to our psyche. No human being is symmetrical, so why do we expect to create perfectly symetrical faces? It sets us up to berate ourselves because it's near impossible to accomplish and to feel less than, when we see it looking back at us from the mirror. So I will not be attempting perfect symmetry in my dolls. Balanced, appealing, yes! I hope this resonates with you too.

I spent the work day sculpting yesterday. Worked on seven different dolls and at the end of it there was probably one that looked significantly different. :) Some days are like that. A lot of time spent and not a lot to show for it. I was really pleased with how long I actually stayed at it, which isn't easy for me. I have a lot I want to do and a lot of new stuff I want to learn. It's a real challenge to fit everything in and not get bored with something because there's been no progress with it.

I hope to do another pattern this week, hopefully without derailing the sculpting. But whatever happens, I want to enjoy the process!

Have a delightful week! 

Blog posted on Tuesday November 9th 2021 16:37:49 GMT -08:00