Sculpting update

Cassie was pleased with the goodies for PNW BJD Expo. It's always reassuring to receive feedback. I actually pulled out the Blythe dolls and got some ready for sculpting. I have a few dolls I want to try and dye and they're ready to go. It has to be done outside, so I'm waiting for the rain to stop😂. And my papier mâché sculpture, formerly Squire Urple, is ready for light sanding and then "paint".

My Kestner had to have her paint redone. It just wasn't right, making it another learning experience. So, I have a white layer done and I'm thinking about trying pastels for color matching.


Squire Urple is pictured below.  Have a spectacular week!


Blog posted on Tuesday November 2nd 2021 15:41:58 GMT -07:00