Faerie wands et all

I finished uploading the last of the Window decorating pictures today! YAY! Next week I'll continue uploading to the Gallery with Costumes. There are many other catagories that will be added as I proceed. A note on the Window Dressing, that was the most difficult subject to photograph because of the glass, so I apologize for the times when it was blurry. It always had to be photographed after closing up the shop, during the day you couldn't get the camera to focus past the reflections on the glass. 😁

This last weekend I finished up my goodies for the PNW BJD Expo Luncheon and shipped them out on Monday. That was fun! I'll be including similar items in packages when I ship items out, as well. I also recieved my eco-friendly mailing envelopes, no more plastic envelopes for me, unless I'm reusing something I've recieved. The wands I made will also be upgraded with metal spheres instead of plastic stars and silk ribbons instead of polyester when I make my next batch. I was working with what I could get in a short span of time, but I really think the upgrades are more in line with where I want to be as a creator. 

Ironically, maybe, I'm hoping to get back on sculpting Blythe dolls in the next month. I know, plastic dolls, sigh. Eventually I'll address that, but not today.

Have a wonderful week!

Blog posted on Tuesday October 26th 2021 14:23:01 GMT -07:00