Tech Troubles and progress report

Social Media took a hit Monday and nothing was working. It seems that some of that tech trouble has leaked into my computer, as everything I've attempted today has gone slowly or not at all.

On a brighter note, my glassine arrived for my little jack-o-lantern and it worked perfectly. So, I need to finish up the two pumpkins that I plan to use for making moulds. I doubt I'll get everything ready for production this season, but it should have all the bugs worked out for next halloween season. I also plan to make a walnut shell the same way, and that has a wider application. 

I've also started a catalog of my dolls for my heirs, so that they can make sense out of the chaos that is my collection.

And I've returned to working on the HighRise*. The Blythe floor has lighting and I've begun the additional furniture needed to decorate properly.

My Kestner restoration project is just waiting on my attention, the leather arrived for her body and I've stretched it out. 


*The HighRise is a cabinet that I'm outfitting for photographing my doll stories, seen on FaceBook in my albums. 

Blog posted on Tuesday October 5th 2021 15:57:15 GMT -07:00