Our Little Dolly

We have all the parts made and soft sculpted. I don't really like working with felt for this pattern. The seams stand out more than I'd like and the sculpting has to compete with them for your eyes' focus.Image_26.png
This pattern introduced me to the paisley shaped ear and I rather like it. I added the sole to the bottom of the foot, a feature I almost always insist on adding. Maybe that's silly, but for most dolls it gives me a sense of grounding them.
Now I need to embroider the face and do the hair.
I have the larger version of the doll cut out in linen. I forgot to mention that the linen didn't work in the small size. It frays too much for such tiny seam allowances, thus the felt. I can't wait for the muslin to get here. Arthur agreed that it's the better fabric for this style of doll.

Blog posted on Thursday May 25th 2017 15:03:59 GMT -07:00