An Education in Fit

My second Neo Blythe, (ordered at the same time as the first), finally arrived. She has a Takara body not a Pure Neemo, and that really made a difference in the off gassing. I had a real difficult time dressing the Pure Neemo body because of the splayed hands but the clothes fit well enough once they were on. The Takara body is different and everything fits much looser. Shoes fit on over socks and the high top tennies are ridiculously big, but I guess it can be part of the look. So, I've been making the doll's clothes "fit" and it looks like making them a little big is a more standard approach. It definitely makes them easier to dress and it will make the Amelia dress I've been fighting with, possible. Sometimes we need to change our approach to "fit". I know I've had to for my own clothes, why not for the dollies, too?

On a side note of physical fitness, I was able to hang upside down on the new bars and do 10 "sit-ups" today.


Blog posted on Tuesday May 2nd 2017 20:28:41 GMT -07:00