Trip Planning

It's getting closer to departure time and as the weather gets colder I'm wondering if we're truly prepared. And what do we really expect to accomplish on this outing. We gave up on the truck when we realized there was no way to get everything done and have any money/time to go. I need more time away than we will be able to spend, but a little is better than none. I have the car and tent curtains made, water containers retrieved, toilet checked for leaks, and some warmer clothes made. I still need to make a few more and duffle bags to pack them in, as well.

I want to take along a friend to photograph, but I can't decide on who to take. Maybe I should take the truck's dragon or a Puki. I have Alysium, who is PukiFee size. Maybe I'll take them both.Aly_and_the_dragon.JPG

Blog posted on Thursday October 6th 2016 12:00:38 GMT -07:00