Bee in Bonnet

Yes, I had one this week. I was reading the posts made by the lovely ladies who make little sweaters and such for premie babies. These ladies and a few gentlemen, (they don't say much), really have their hearts in the right place, but their awareness of their environment, cause and effect, these seem to be lacking. Granted, the corporations have done a lovely job of convincing the consumer that their product is better because it's easy care or whatever. But the information on synthetics/chemicals and it's ill effects on babies and children, (adults too), hasn't made it into the consciousness of the average american. Artificial fragrance use is increasing at an alarming rate and these lovely ladies know that's bad for the premies but they don't realize that acrylic and polyester yarns are harmful. They incorrectly believe that wool is bad, although one woman googled it when her daughter requested she make a baby blanket from a yarn that had a small percentage of wool in it, only to discover that natural fibers are recommended for babies. She will still be using acrylic, she assured the group. Why do we think that acrylic is safe? Because it's not. Anything you've heard about the dangers of plastics and our chemical soup lifestyle, includes acrylic in the bad column. Acrylics and polyesters were banned from our home after the youngest two came along. They made them stink like a locker room or worse in just a few minutes from time of exposure. My daughter blistered when her synthetic lined shoes were on her for less than an hour. She wasn't walking and the blister was on the end of her toe where there wasn't anything to rub against. Once grown she decided to throw caution to the wind and wear those synthetics again, she was covered in a painful hives as a result. Lesson learned that time. This documentary just barely touches on what we've known for years and are just now realizing how much worse the reality has turned out to be.

So, I understand that these ladies have been sold the idea of soft,(it isn't), easy care and inexpensive. But why not use cotton? It is soft, easy care and inexpensive. Merino wool is also soft and easy care when you realize you don't need to wash it. You can rinse, if necessary, but airing it out is usually sufficient. It's one of the reasons it's so popular elsewhere in the world. Just google wool and you'll get an Australian page on the benefits of wool. Now American hospitals have a difficult time with caring for wool, and I can understand a little, (British hospitals don't have this issue),but anyway. Why not cotton? Cotton saved me and mine from going naked all the time. I like other natural fibers but I always come back to cotton for the basics. Organic cotton is the best! So ladies, why not cotton?

Sept. 22
Acrylic addendum: I was just reminded that this fiber is more flammable than natural fibers. It melts when exposed to heat and releases toxic fumes. WTF ladies! Why aren't you using cotton?

Blog posted on Wednesday September 21st 2016 16:53:01 GMT -07:00