50th Birthday Party and Sewing frenzy

Last night we celebrated my 50th birthday. I had a fruit"cake" and, of course, awesome presents. Liam had given me a Pooh bear themed basket on my actual birthday so last night was just the kids. :) It was a doll tea party and everyone brought out lots of dolls.Fruit_22cake_22.JPG I thought Catherine's fruit "cake" was a great adaptation to what I can eat and the circus candle holders came in handy.50th.JPG

I've been sewing for our trip and Liam and I now have organic cotton sweatshirts. At one point I was using all of my sewing methods in a confined space.all_sewing.JPG I need to acquire proper needles for the treadle, it was having a difficult time making it through the thick layers. I use standard needles but it needs longer ones and I found out where it makes a difference the hard way. :0) ----Sinéad

Blog posted on Tuesday September 6th 2016 10:54:08 GMT -07:00