Jeep Cap Canvas Bill

When I created my jeep cap pattern I knew I would be using leather for the bill, but that canvas was an option. I hadn't used the canvas method in a number of years and the particulars were fuzzy. Joey, my daughter, has recently tried it out.
She traced the pattern and cut out three layers to start with, IMG_1315.JPG
basted them together
IMG_1316.JPGand then ran it through her machine.
IMG_1317.JPGIt was fairly soft, a good choice for a baby hat or small child. But not what either of us wanted for our hats. So, she hand stitched two more layers in place.IMG_1319.JPG This bill is not as stiff as my leather bill, but I think it will work well enough.
I will be putting it to use soon and I will post it here when I've finished. Must get the hat knit first! --Sinéad

Blog posted on Sunday August 7th 2016 12:24:02 GMT -07:00