Our Truck

We're still trying to remove the fragrance from the tree air freshener. But the good news is, it's improving. I still can't get in there, though. Here's a brochure from '69.69Pg06w_copy.jpg

I ordered side mirrors and some conventional foam to get started on some of the work that needs to be done. We had to remove all of the foam from the seats, (full of fragrance) and we'll replace the upholstery with pieced leather. I'm grateful for the free scraps acquired from Joey's employment. They'll be making this refit possible. The foam is going to really set us back, all on it's own. Another project made possible by the hoarding tendencies of the clan.

I miss working on my patterns for my shop, but I've been set back by photography issues again. I have several that just need photos for the instructions. According to the clan, photos make the instructions clearer than the drawings were. So, here we are.


Blog posted on Friday June 24th 2016 12:41:57 GMT -07:00