Amelia Thimble joins the Pukies

It's the dance of joy for the making of new dresses and patterns!!


The latest is for Amelia Thimble

The RealPuki pajama pattern is the most popular. I'm still working on the Super Hero kit and many other patterns. I haven't forgotten the Bolaidh Bláth, that project is just on hold for the time being.

We've zeroed in on an area in Utah to explore for the purpose of relocating. That means another road trip. We're looking for a truck and we'll be traveling a little different this time. Our Nevada trip in the CRV was a little cramped and without bathroom facilities, I got really sick from the fragrance in the public restrooms. Here's hoping for success!

Blog posted on Tuesday May 24th 2016 14:24:45 GMT -07:00