Patterns launched

We got the patterns finished and listed on Etsy. And we have already sold two sets!! photo.JPG
I'm working on superhero pj's and perfection of the basic pj pattern. It's cute every time but not quite right. I think the kids are tired of looking at the different prototypes and being ask, "what do you think?"I finally have two dresses that I'm pleased with, so I'll be doing something with that soon. There's the hat pattern, as well. I have at least 6 designs for that.

The wigs I should be making aren't happening, probably because it involves a sewing machine. I need to get out my serger for some projects, too. :/
I wish the machines were more easily accessed. I can always find more handwork to do. I even contemplated cutting out more clothes for myself and just sewing them up by hand. The machine may be faster per project, but if it takes two months to get round to setting up, which was really faster?

Blog posted on Saturday May 7th 2016 11:18:52 GMT -07:00