not feeling grand

Aggi's paint has peeled off his little lips slowing up the modeling portion of the pattern making. I also had to replace my pens and not just any old stinky pen will do.turban.JPG

I repainted Aggi's lips and when I went to seal it, the sealant took the paint off. UGH!!! The sealant also gave me a migraine. Double UGH!!!

But, I have gotten more patterns past the trial space, such as this hat.big_hat.JPG

I set Aggi's world of patterns aside and started a new doll. I haven't taken any pics but will soon. It's soft sculpture and I'm doing some needle felting of the features and I'm not sure how I'm going to apply the skin, yet. I have several ideas but I'm not sure which I want to use.

Time for errands.

Blog posted on Monday April 25th 2016 10:55:02 GMT -07:00