I spent a good portion of yesterday dyeing flannel with dandelions. It made a nice pale yellow, perfect for the ducklings I'm designing.

It's spring and as I pulled out our decorations, I was disappointed by the large number of store bought animals I've been using. Well, that had to change. Joey made two new sheep and I've made a piglet as well as working on ducklings.sheep.JPG I knit a mallard, bunny and I purchased a pattern for a very small felt duckling. rabbit_duck.JPGThe felt duckling is cute, but not what I was really looking for and neither was the knit duckling, for that matter.

I find it is harder for me to do the necessary design work these days. I think it is because my brain feels sluggish a lot of the time and it's relaxing to just follow someone else's instructions. Sadly, I can be quite good at design and it could prove to be a money maker, but it's going to be an uphill battle right now.

Wishing you a Bountiful Spring!

Blog posted on Wednesday March 23rd 2016 12:13:45 GMT -07:00