Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

DSCN0659.JPG Our leprechaun, Rory, is in fine spirits and enjoying his pipe with his pint o' Guinness. Liam will be substituting Scotch whiskey this year for his tradition of an Irish whiskey toast. It's what was in the cupboard. Don't tell Rory.
DSCN0658.JPGMy yule hat is coming along. Joey purchased bells but they don't really ring, so I'll be wanting different ones.
DSCN0647.JPGArthur cut me a six inch section of dowel to use as a rolling pin and I love it. It's maple with a camellia oil finish. We're using that oil for everything from tool care to moisturizing and cooking. It's great!

Blog posted on Thursday March 17th 2016 18:08:07 GMT -07:00