Yule hat

yule_hat.JPG It seems a little strange to be working on this now, but it's a nice evening project. I plan on blanket stitching the Da Vinci design and then repeating it on the other side. I will be placing small brass bells on this side with a tassel and/or bell at the point. I think it will be a very festive hat.

I'm also working on a birthday present that can't be discussed here until after birthday season. Yes, we have a birthday season. Three in a row. It's almost a Yule repeat but low key. That's not Loki, or maybe it is sometimes, mischief and all.

I tried taking some photos yesterday and discovered my "good" camera is not working right. It is about eight years old and may just need to be replaced. Something I really didn't wish to contemplate.

One of those birthday babies wishes me to duct tape their head now. Such odd requests from my offspring.

May blossoms abound!

Blog posted on Saturday February 20th 2016 12:50:20 GMT -08:00