Dolls and Valentines

The girls are getting ready for Valentine's Day! Vday_girls.jpg
I must confess that I'm not ready.
Over the past week I've been watching Shirley Temple movies. I would love to make the costumes Shirley wore for my Shirley. As you may already know, I've made replicas of the doll's clothes that Ideal produced for the dolls, but I'd rather put in the details of the actual costumes. For obvious reasons, Ideal simplified or completely altered the costumes for the dolls, as in the Blue Bird dress pictured here. It would be fun to research and design the slightly more complex dresses in this small scale. One of many projects that will need to wait for another time.
Toni, one of my Bleuette sized dolls, is dressed in a western ensemble inspired by our Nevada trip with Clarice, (another Bleuette sized doll of mine). When we were in Nevada we acquired cowboy hats for ourselves and I looked for a miniature one for Clarice to no avail. When we returned home, I had to figure out how to make one. The western shirt soon followed. We have a little six shooter but I haven't fashioned a belt for the holster. Shirley will want it for her Texas outfit and in truth, that was why it was acquired, but I guess she'll need to share.

The dog seems to be doing well after her eagle encounter.

May blossoms abound,

Blog posted on Saturday February 13th 2016 09:53:10 GMT -08:00