Eagles and small dogs

My chihuahua had a very traumatic afternoon. At about 2:30 my son let her outside and a few minutes later there was a bald eagle diving after her. The eagle managed to pick her up, but then dropped her on the deck from only two to three feet in the air. My son had rushed out the door when he saw the eagle's intent and that might have contributed to the dog being dropped. She was howling and didn't stop until I'd been holding her for a few minutes. When she had calmed down enough for us to be able to inspect her for injuries, we initially found nothing. She is mostly blind and partially deaf and we figured she didn't really know that she was almost dinner. She was moving fine and acting normal but about an hour after the incident my son picked her up and discovered a puncture wound on her back. She's bandaged and we haven't found any other injuries. We're hoping for the best.

Here's a photo of her from her youth when she often served as G.I. Joe's horse. PeiPei_and_Joe.JPG

And one from last year. Her appearance hasn't changed much in her 14 years, just cloudy eyes and no more teeth. peipei_dragon_copy.JPG

I guess she'll have an escort from here on out. One close call with a violent death is enough for any chihuahua.


Blog posted on Thursday February 11th 2016 17:52:12 GMT -08:00