Persistant cold

Well, this cold thing is insisting on persisting.
I've managed to get some sewing done in spite of this, however. A year or so ago I went back to using my treadle sewing machine. I had a Phaff and a Brother, both good machines, but they weren't the work horse I needed and all the fancy stuff turned out to be a sorry substitute for the real thing. Modern machines are quite wasteful and very finicky. Now, my treadle is just great. I had neglected to oil it and it just kept going, (a little loud, though). I finally got around to applying some oil to all the moving bits, including the treadle, and it is not only more quiet but it just glides. I have to be more diligent about stop assist, not something that was necessary before, but worth the smoother running. I don't want you thinking that neglect was the reason my modern machines were finicky. I had service agreements on them so that I could take them in every couple of months, which turned out to be necessary, not preventative. My eldest daughter and youngest son are using them now, they don't have as many problems with them as I have had. I have a history of electro-magnetic issues and one result has been the disturbing of normal computer function. Yes, I've killed a few. Ask me about the time on the motorcycle, that was creepy. Anyway, I'm also employing old fashion decorative methods to my clothes and old fashioned flat felled seams as well as french seams. I'm happier with the results. Embroidery, couching, fabric combinations, they're all great ways to spice up a piece of clothing.
So, I'm loving the treadle again! And I have quite a beautiful machine.
May blossoms abound in your world!

Blog posted on Thursday February 4th 2016 16:08:26 GMT -08:00