Minor stumbling blocks

We ran into a slight glitch, yesterday, when we realized the corrected page of the story I was attempting to add wouldn't submit. Arthur quickly found and corrected the problem, something to do with a misplaced comma. Coding and programming are overwhelming to me. Thank the gods that Arthur is fascinated by the whole world of interactions between CSS, HTML and PHP, and a number of other coding languages that are beyond me.

On another note, I am finding that my clothes are wearing out faster than I can get new ones made. I had planned to dedicate January to filling in some of those deficiencies. So far I have a new pair of wool pants that are pleasing to look at, but require I wear a cotton pair under them. So I made a cotton pair. I was hoping to wear them on their own this summer, but they're really lightweight. Not all muslins are equal. In retrospect, I should have started with the french terry sweats. Hopefully I can get those cut out tomorrow.

On a happy note, I found my physical file of stories. Some of it was written on grocery bags. :) Whatever was handy! I have my work cut out for me to turn it into digital files.

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Blog posted on Friday January 22nd 2016 16:28:50 GMT -08:00